Hi there. I’m Pami….I’m 46 years old. (Yikes!😁) I’m silly, sensitive, and a great lover of words! I have two AMAZING kids…Macy, age 11, Micah, 8.
Eight years ago, I had a massive, near-fatal stroke….just two weeks after giving birth to my son. Thankfully I was spared many of the typical, visible aftereffects from which most people suffer.
But my brain was badly damaged, and I struggle daily with nerve pain, short term memory loss, and loss of most memories from childhood and all the way through college. The left side of my body is weak, and sometimes just refuses to cooperate.😊
My husband, Jeremy, managed nearly all the responibities that would have normally been mine, and he did it very well.❤
Of course, there were some pretty big challenges in our marriage as a result of the burden that he was carrying.
On November 24, 2018, just two days after Thanksgiving, my husband was killed in a horrific car accident, and my kids and I have been picking up all of these broken pieces of our lives ever since.
In 2012, I began this blog, and my purpose at the time was simply to re-learn many lessons from God’s Word.
But, as the years went by, and challenges and heartbreak increased, I realized what my main goal is in my writing.
Most people write AFTER a storm has passed…when the sun is shining, and they have PERSPECTIVE and HINDSIGHT…both of which are available to ANYONE.
In 2012, I began this blog, and
I felt compelled to break that cycle, and begin writing right the middle of the “hard stuff”. I write when it’s raw, fresh, and still hurts.
Because I believe that’s where God’s POWER and STRENGTH reside.
Right in the middle of it!
It’s difficult sometimes to be that open, that honest….
That vulnerable.
I guess that’s why most people wait until the crisis passes. Perspective gives us some emotional distance. It’s SAFER, I suppose.
Well, apparently I like a little danger!😄
I had to completely START OVER after the stroke.
I was a new person.
After November, I have had to start over….
That is where the title BACK TO THE BEGINNING comes from.
I hope my story will encourage you, and make you feel less alone in this big, crazy world.
Mostly, I pray you will find STRENGTH to continue to FIGHT!

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  1. What courage! Thank you for sharing your story and how you are working through healing and recovery. Praying that it continues to go smoothly and well. I full anticipate that your story will impact and encourage others, those who have had strokes but also face any time of health challenge. So thankful you have your faith and that God has been abundantly present for you. Blessings to you.

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