I recently wrote a post called “Dear Satan,”.

After MUCH reflection and prayer, I kind of regret posting it.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I meant every word of it…


I felt healthy and “cleaned out”, somehow. Like when you do a colon cleanse or something.

You flush out all the toxins out of your body, and for awhile, you feel


That’s how it was the day I puked all those harsh words out of myself.


I just sort of wish I would’ve written it all down in a journal or something, instead of pressing “publish”, allowing the whole world in on my temper tantrum!πŸ˜„

I had some people gently correct me, and gave me verses for why they were doing so.

And I NEED people like that in my life, so don’t stop.

I said GENTLY.


Now, I don’t know if it was spiritually “sound”, what I wrote, and I usually try really hard to do that, to be mindful in that way.

But what I DO know…

Is that it wasn’t COMPLETE.

Sometimes, we simply give Satan way too much credit.

Yeah, there ALOT of things that are totally his doing!


He isn’t responsible for EVERY bad circumstance in my life.

It turns out I’m pretty talented at screwing my life up ALL ON MY OWN, thank you very much!

He can’t be held responsible for every bad choice we make.

He’s just not that powerful.

We make all these big and small decisions, every day…

And some of them have consequences that go on for YEARS.

And, neither God OR Satan had any say in the matter!

Sometimes, we just act or react, and there are natural repercussions that come from those choices.

I think I love to blame Satan for everything, because it is


Who wants to accept responsibility for our own actions, when sometimes the result is

Failed relationships,

Legal punishments,

And countless other painful things?

Not me!

I LOVE having a scapegoat…

Someone ELSE to blame for all of my poor choices, and just plain old sin!

But each one is tempted when he is drawn away by his own desires and enticed. Then, when desire has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and sin, when it is full-grown, brings forth death.

JAMES 1:14,15

Presently, I can see where I blurred the lines, between what was HIS fault,

And what was MINE.

So, if some of you were worried I was heading toward a nervous breakdown, don’t!πŸ˜„

Because I’m going to be fine….

Because I now see the lines.❀

I Blurred The Lines

5 thoughts on “I Blurred The Lines

  1. Well put, Satan does tempt us greatly but our wonderful creator gave us the ability to choose. Our choices are ours. Satan only celebrates when you choose his way.

  2. Oh yes! I can relate, Pami. There have been far too many times I’ve given Satan the credit for the things that I was responsible for. I’m taking note here again, my friend! Thanks for this great reminder and so glad you were able to see a more balanced view of your situation. Hoping we all can do the same.

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