Higher Hope International Ministries, or h2 Church, is celebrating our 20th anniversary this month.

My two very best friends in the whole world (who are married) started this ministry in Sunbury, Pennsylvania.

I remember a farmer once donated HUNDREDS of eggs to us one day, and said he knew we would use them in just the right way.

Well, we got in Mark and Lori’s beat-up, green minivan, and went door-to-door, giving the eggs away, and making lasting connections with MANY people in the community.

I was working as a nanny about two and a half hours away when they first began, and I remember driving through the mountains toward Sunbury, to be there on Sunday mornings, listening to hymns by Fernando Ortega the whole way.

The memory of wildflowers and sunsets has always stayed with me from those many many trips.šŸ˜Š

Soon, I moved to Sunbury. My mom can tell you that I called her soon after, and told her that if I died, I wanted to be buried here.

In Sunbury.

Because this was home.

In fact,

Higher Hope is “home.”

It’s as much a part of me as my kidney,

Or my heart.

I literally and figuratively “grew up” here.

I was 25, and thought I knew it all.

Wow. I knew NOTHING!

I’ve made a bunch of crappy choices in the last twenty years…

But I’ve made lots of good ones, too.

The BEST decision I ever made was making Higher Hope a part of my heart.

No matter who left us over the years,

No matter how hard the enemy tried to destroy my most treasured relationships,

No matter how many times it was a bloody BATTLE to stand up and worship,

I stayed.

I’m still here.

I know every story,

Every scar,

Every victory,

Every miracle

That h2 had a hand in.

And I am humbled….

And completely in awe that He decided to use me, and use US….

Often in the smallest of ways.

Higher Hope is quite honestly

The best thing I’ve ever been a part of.

And I know I didn’t do very much.

So many things have happened to me in these last twenty years.

Magical things.

Terrible things.


And my h2 family was there for all of it.

Praying for me,

Praying WITH me,


And I have always loved them back.

This family has changed faces over the last two decades,

But the love was always there…

Always the same.

I thank God for Higher Hope…

For everything it’s been….

And for everything it will be.

Happy 20th, h2!!!!ā¤ā¤ā¤

20 Years!!!!!!

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