Yes, and if I am being poured out as a drink offering on the sacrifice and service of your faith, I am glad and rejoice with you all.

Philippians 2:17

The drink offering was kind of the “finishing touch” to sacrifices made at that time.

The wine was completely poured out over the animal on the altar, so that the aroma would bring God “delight”. (Matthew Henry)

When we stop to realize that Paul was insulted, imprisoned multiple times, shipwrecked, beaten, whipped, and almost stoned to death, it seems to us that he sacrificed MORE than enough!

But since Paul knew better than most the meaning behind the drink offering, he probably was filled with joy for being able to suffer those things,

To bring God DELIGHT.

Paul was definitely “poured out” for God.

I think about the woman and the alabaster box. (Matthew 26:7)

She gave up her most valuable possession for the One who was about give HIS

For her.

Maybe I can’t literally give up my life for Him,

But I can give to Him

All the love that’s inside me…

I can “pour” myself out onto the people in my life for JESUS.

I can let all the love I have,

All the joy I have,

All the grace I have,

All the compassion I have,

Spill out onto my children…

Onto my husband…

Onto everyone God puts in my life.

Paul was “wringing” himself out DAILY for Jesus, and the people He was called to love.

He poured out his very LIFE for them,

Until he had nothing left to give.

So, why should I get to hold onto MINE?

I really, desperately want all that’s GOOD in me…

All that’s….”GOD” …in me to gush out and flood the hearts of the people I love,

And the people who are HARD to love.

What if we all lived that way?

Pouring ourselves out….every last drop…

For others?

What if we emptied ourselves,

Squeezed ourselves dry,

EVERY DAY for each other,

BELIEVING He is faithful to fill us again tomorrow?

What a picture of the love Jesus has for us!

What a picture this is for US, too!

May we pour ourselves out of ALL that we have…

Of all that we ARE…

So that it can be said of us that we gave and gave…..

“And it was GOOD!”

To the very last drop.

Good, To The Last Drop

10 thoughts on “Good, To The Last Drop

  1. “He poured out his very LIFE for them, Until he had nothing left to give. So, why should I get to hold onto MINE?”
    This is beautiful – thank you for sharing!

  2. Very insightful. We always here, “take time for you, don’t use up all your energy on everyone else.” But if we’re finding our identity and rest in Jesus, we can daily give all we have and fill up again on the nourishment of the Word. Thank you!

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