…conduct yourselves throughout the time of your stay here in fear;…

1 Peter 1: 17

Last year, my husband and kids and I went on vacation to Atlantic City for the week. We stayed at a really nice hotel until Friday, and then Jeremy and I decided to extend our trip through the weekend. But when we went to the front desk to ask about staying longer, they were completely booked.

So, we were researching other affordable places to stay for Friday and Saturday night.

Jeremy is……


But that word doesn’t really cover just how THOROUGHLY “thrifty” he is.

Long story short, we arrive at our new spot…..

The outside of the motel looked completely dilapidated.


(Cue the Psycho music…)

It was just nasty!!

The sink and bathtub were rusty, the floors were dirty, and basically everything about the place seemed to scream,

“Run away as fast as you can! Lots of people have been hacked to pieces in your room!!!” ( Thank you, Criminal Minds.πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘)

Now that we’re not there anymore, I can laugh about how horrible it was.

But at the time, Mama was SOOO NOT LAUGHING!

Jeremy tried to talk me down off of the ledge….

” Honey, it’s only for a couple of nights. It’ll cost us nearly nothing. Do you think you can handle this place just for a little while?”

Well, he called me “honey”, so, of course, we stayed.😊

Our “stay” here on earth is like staying at a crappy motel.

It’s dirty, and it’s awful…

But, it’s only temporary.

When you give your life to Jesus, we are promised a place that is indescribably beautiful.

A place of no sickness,

No pain,

No sin of ANY kind,

NO sadness,

NO loss…

But instead, it is a place crammed and jammed full

Of peace,





Basically , it’s filled with everything we’ve been missing down here.

You know, I really did try to have the best attitude I could muster during our stay at the “Bates Hotel”.

I told myself over and over,

“It’s only for two days….it’s only for two days.”

And you know what?

I had FUN.

We went swimming in the paint chipped swimming pool,

Micah and I raided the vending machines for chocolate and candy on more than one occasion,

And we found joy in those moments.

I think that kind of attitude speaks to how we should be during our stay on earth.

Yes, there are a million things that anger us,

Disappoint us,

And seek to BREAK us.

But it IS possible to have joy here, with the people we love, serving the God we love and will soon be with in heaven,

Knowing that in just a little while

Just a little while….

We will be


Just A Little While

5 thoughts on “Just A Little While

  1. Finding the positive in all situations is like a super power now. You should consider yourself a super hero. I struggle with this. It could be so much worse but like you said. It’s only for a little while. Thanks for your post

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