I’ll refresh tired bodies;

I’ll restore tired souls.

Jeremiah 31:25 MSG

I’m having one of those days. 
Maybe you’re having one, too.
The kind of day where you’re just so tired of it all.

Of everything.
The constant climb up the side of the mountain, fighting so hard to get out of that Valley.
The neverending pain.
The shame that forever lurks in the shadows of who you once were.

Whatever it is, the “constantness” of it…..

Can, some days, be too much.

“Enough already!!!”, you shout at absolutely no one.

I read this little verse written above…

My body is soooo physically TIRED!!!

My body has been put through so much!!

In the last 18 years, I’ve had at least 17 surgeries,  two of them life-saving!

I’m having a day where I feel DONE.
My body is quitting, and my soul just applied for early retirement. 
I just “don’t wanna” anymore!
It feels too hard today,

Too much work to smile today.

But, you know what?

I accidentally DID smile Today!
I accidentally felt some jolts of joy! 

I say “accidentally “, because I  was being miserable on purpose.

I WANTED to give up.

But GOD was already at work in me, before my feet hit the floor this morning. 
He had some plans to refresh my body and restore my soul.

They happened through bits of songs I heard as I went about my day,
In people who I bumped into,

In places only God could touch.
This is some of the glorious stuff God does!

He brushes the hair out of our eyes with some perfect, “don’t-blink-because-you’ll-miss-it” moments, that are full of the promise of Heaven, and all of the golden days in the sun….

WITH  the Son.

EVERY TIME I’ve had the notion to just give up in one way or another, He ALWAYS brings me back!

He is the very BEST  friend!!!!

I’m so glad He showed me again.

Body and Soul

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