How great is the love the Father has lavished on us that we should be called children of God!” 

1 John 3:1

I grew up with a very skewed and damaged view of who God the Father is. 
You see, I saw God as a holy Judge.

One who was accusing me of crimes worthy of fatal punishment. 

He was filled with white hot rage when He saw me.

But then, Jesus,  His very own Son, stood up and defended me. 

JESUS loved me.

But GOD????

I wasn’t sure. 

So, that made it easy to buy into this “victim mentality” I’ve unconsciously adopted.

I saw the bad things I’ve gone through, and KEEP ON going through,

As things that happened TO me…

Instead of things that happened

FOR me.

It’s kind of a special privilege to be called to suffer in some way.

God presented Job to Satan, lifting him up as being one who was unlike anyone in the earth, CHALLENGING  him to test him!(JOB 1)

Job had the great honor of being chosen to suffer.

Recently, I was sent a song by a very dear friend of mine. It is called ” I AM No Victim”. Some of the lyrics are 
I am no victim, I live with a vision

I’m covered by the force of love
Covered in my Savior’s blood
I am no orphan, I’m not a poor man
The kingdom’s now become my own
And with the King I have a home

He is my Father, I do not wonder
If His plans for me are good
If He’ll come through like He should
‘Cause He is provision and enough wisdom
To usher in my brightest days
To turn my mourning into dancing

I am who He says I am
He is who He says He is
I’m defined by all His promises
Shaped by every word He says
Oh I am who He says I am
He is who He says He is
I’m defined by all His promises
Shaped by every word He says

Let these words soak in!

“I am not an orphan. I’m not a poor man.”
I have all the Father’s riches at my disposal!

I am no victim.
I am a VICTOR!!

All of these hard things are just temporal things.
If JESUS had to suffer,  Him being the ultra precious Son of GOD,
Then I must suffer too,

Knowing that the Father loves me, 

And that I am RICH in that!

He is my provision!

I don’t have to be free of physical pain to feel like a daughter of the KING.

I don’t have to be free of emotional pain to know I am truly loved!
If you don’t want your tragedy to be wasted,  find ways to make it



 Know that what’s going on is not meant to victimize you, 

But is meant to 

“Victorize” you!!

We are NOT orphans! 

We are not poor people!!

We have the richest Father there ever was or ever will be!

And we are  truly, truly 

The Father’s Child

5 thoughts on “The Father’s Child

  1. It was beautiful when you wrote for us to give our pain value because I think we forget that God gives us suffering to refine and make us more like Him! Thank you!

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