In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form, and void; and darkness was on the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters.

Genesis 1:1,2

That’s another word for “hovering”.
Like a bird’s wings.
Hovering in protection, some texts indicate.
God was hovering, with all His power, restraining nearly every bit of it.

Restraining His power in the darkness…

In the emptiness…

He was there.

He was there, when nothing was there.

Before we ever were…
Before we knew His plan for us…
Before He created light.
Before we could truly see!
The darkness had no idea what was about to happen, that very soon, the blackness wouldn’t be all there is.

God hovered in the dark…
With us.
FOR us.
BECAUSE of us.
He hovered like a bird, protecting His young.  

Humming, like a generator.  The power was on, 

Even in the black.
What an amazing thought!
Ages and millenniums before the birth of Emmanuel,  God With  US,

He was there.
With us…
 In the dark.
This is what God does, even at the very beginnning….it’s what He’s ALWAYS done!

His wings flutter above us, hovering over us just like a mother bird.
I used to think of the word “hovering” as the humming sound of a powerful machine, just getting warmed up.

Now, I still sort of think that, but  I’m starting to discover what He was warming up to DO….

To create LIGHT!
To create a universe of people. 
People who would constantly return to the darkness.
People who would sometimes be DRAGGED to the darkness by other’s.
People who would LOVE the darkness, because there, they can hide.

God’s power and great protection was always there, long before there was anyone to protect.
I’d like to think that’s why this verse is included in the bible. 
So we would know something deeper about God’s power.

So we can rest, knowing that the God who hovered over the darkness
Also hovers over OUR darkness.

What is YOUR darkness today?

Illness, loss, addiction,  betrayal, sin…

Whatever the  blackness is that has kept you from moving forward,
Kept you from hoping,

Prevented you from persisting,
God is there.
God is with you, through ALL of it.
And He’s getting ready to


The God Who Hovers

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