“Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Matthew 5:3

“You’re blessed when you’re at the end of your rope. With less of you there is more of God and his rule.

Matthew 5:3 MSG

I really, really hate having to try to explain evil to my children.

The danger, the brutality of it.

I’m constantly walking this tightrope between scaring my kids into sensible behavior, and scarring them for life!

Recently we had to talk to them about kidnapping, and without giving many details, described  what it is and how to keep safe.

The other evening, I took Macy to a nearby town. It was dark and we were looking for a parking spot. I purposely passed one free space, and my daughter exclaimed that I missed an empty spot. I told her it was next to a van with no side windows,  and I told her I would feel safer in another space. 

Well, this brought the whole kidnapping subject up again.

Then Macy says,

“Mom, God would never let anybody take me and do bad stuff to me!!”

Long pause…

She looks up at me…

“Would He?”

It broke my heart.

The sad fact is that danger and searing pain are totally unavoidable.

I told Macy that God promises to be with us ALWAYS. 

I told her that He can bring beautiful things out of broken people.

I told her that nothing will ever happen to her without God’s permission,  and that if she is hurt and broken , God will show up and comfort her heart in amazing ways.

I wish I could tell her we didn’t live in a world where  a man could lose his wife and THREE  children by evil, wicked, brutal bullets…at church.

But I think those who have suffered greatly would agree with Jesus’ words that relay that you’re blessed when you are at the end of your rope. 

He shows up! And His presence is like NOTHING ELSE! The God of all comfort will comfort every last one of us who know we are at the end of our rope.

I pray that when Macy is broken, she will reach for Jesus.

I pray for the church in Texas….

Oh, God,  the brokenness!!!!

So many families,

So much loss. 

The suffering is unimaginable to me.

But C.S. Lewis totally got it right when he said “He isn’t safe, but He is good!”

He will give peace.

He will give comfort.

He will give grace. 

He giveth,

He giveth,

And He giveth again.

Blessings For The Broken Heart

9 thoughts on “Blessings For The Broken Heart

  1. So Scary! It’s hard to know how much to explain to the kids. I want them safe, but how to do that without terrifying them is tricky. Focusing on God’s presence and care is a good way to go about it!

  2. As Moms, we tend to feel as if we are failing at everything at times and this is a tough thing for sure. But I agree that you dealt with the issue with such grace. You are raising your kiddos right! Keep up the good work!

  3. I keep hearing these same truths over and over, in testimonies of so many people. God is with us in the midst of suffering.

  4. What an inspirational message for us mothers! It’s scary that we have to be the ones to teach our children the truths of this world, but it’s also a delight to be able to provide the truths of God. He allows us to be in the world, among evil people, but He has something greater for us if we keep Him close to us despite all the painful experiences He allows to occur.

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