​When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things. 

1 Corinthians 13:11 
I remember when both of my children were small, whenever  they demonstrated a tendency or habit that I  really didn’t like, I  would say to myself,  ” Boy, I really can’t wait for them to grow out of this!”

For my daughter, it was whining. 

For my son,  it was tantrums.

Typical behavior for children, most of us would say.

Now, if as a grownup,  we were seen in the grocery store on our bellies, arms and legs flailing in the air….screaming our pretty little heads off…..

Well, we would look ridiculous!!

But we DO act like children in many, many ways. 

The Greek word for spoke means ” spoke rashly or thoughtlessly “. “Thought” in Greek means “planned”. And “understood” means “perceived or internalized “.

When I was a child, I spoke RASHLY or THOUGHTLESSLY , I PLANNED like a child, I  INTERNALIZED and PERCEIVED like a child.
I wonder if God ever takes a deep, frustrated breath and says, “Boy, I  really can’t wait for them to grow out of this!”

How often have I spoke harshly to someone? How many times did I say something thoughtless to another, who was suffering some kind of loss?

How often have I not asked God what He wanted me to do next, and just “went with my gut”? How often have I refused to be submissive to what I  KNEW  He was instructing me to do?

How often do I take information in, and immediately allow my FEELINGS to determine my  actions,  instead of going right away to the  Word of God for wisdom?

I’ll be very honest. 

I guess I’m still just a child.

Too much self still left in here.

But Paul makes a good point. He says, “when I  BECAME a man “…….

Growing is about BECOMING. 

Gradually changing into the grownups we were meant to be.

I’m so thankful to love the God of  “becomings”!
An extremely patient Father, who encourages us to grow up, to put away all of those childish things. 

That’s what they really are,  ya know.
Childish things.
Listening to YOUR voice while you silence God’s  is childish.

Caring about yourself over others is childish.

Blowing up at our loved ones is childish.

Being insensitive to people who are hurting is childish.

The ” putting away of childish things” is certainly not easy to do.  

It’s a daily dying.

Killing off those selfish cells of  yearnings to be RIGHT, to be HAPPY, to be 


Let’s trust this ever-loving God to take control of our lives, and allow ourselves to BECOME, under His very watchful eye.

It really is time….

To grow up. 

Time To Grow Up

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