Stop Being So Offended!!

What’s the longest period of time you’ve stuck with something or someone  that could sometimes be difficult?
For some,  it could be decades!
But for others,  it’s mere weeks!

If you ask me, one of the main reasons people quit on anything is because of an offense that took place at some point.

We are always SO quick to blame the offender,  aren’t we?

We blame our spouses for not appreciating us. We blame our bosses for not noticing our hard work. We blame our pastors for not visiting us.

But there IS somebody else to blame.

It’s you!

It’s me!

Psalm 119:165 says, “Great peace have they who love Your law, and NOTHING shall offend them. ”

I know there are some large,  dangerous offenses that we simply cannot ignore. But I’d be willing to bet that my being hurt because a friend didn’t say hi to me is probably not one of them.

Yet, we allow these minor,  petty things a place in our mind. And the longer we make them feel welcome in there,  the louder they shout.

We leave marriages,  jobs, neighborhoods,  churches…. all for the sake of petty little offenses.

We do not see how much WE
are offending the ones we desert, or give up on, all because of something relatively minor.

Well, what should we do???
We feel what we feel!
We can’t control that.


We CAN control if we talk to others about the offense,  further sealing it into the old brain of ours.
We CAN seek the person out. Maybe that would be all it would take!
We CAN pray!  Pray for the person who hurt you!  Pray for yourself,  that YOU would be filled with love,  gentleness, peace, patience,  long suffering,  and grace!

Maybe today we should all stop being so offended,  and just do what Jesus asked us to do.


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