No Matter What!



There are so many things we learn in life, walking with God. I couldn’t possibly cover even half of them here! So I’m going to focus just on two. Two of, what I believe, the most important truths we have to work through on our own, and in our own time.


God loves me. No matter what.

He loves me. He loves me when I sing, even if I can’t. He loves me when I worship Him with total sincerity. He loves me when I think of others before myself. He loves me when I tell the truth, even when it’s extremely difficult to do so.

But He also loves me when I don’t open my lips to thank Him for anything! He loves me even if I lose my mind, if I become consumed with myself, even if all I tell is lies. He loves me when I steal, curse, or hate.

He just loves me!

There are no conditions you could ever put on that kind of love, and that’s why we should take it so very seriously, and never take Him for granted. It truly is a “once in a lifetime” kind of love.

Death can’t steal it.

Distance can’t reach it.

Satan cannot touch it!

His love will always BE.

Once you understand that, you will be free to truly live this life!

Number #2:

I love Him. No matter what.

When you lose someone you love, can you say it? That you love Him?

Can you say that you truly do?

Can you say it through several bouts of cancer?

Can you say it through chronic illness, meaning illness that NEVER goes away?

Can you say it if you’ve suffered abuse?

Can you say it if you’ve been betrayed?

For me, it all comes down to this simple verse.

We love Him because He first loved us.

1 John 4:19

It is HIS love that compells us to love Him in return!

Although it is true that afflictions come into our lives chiefly to bring glory to God in the mysterious way that it will, but I always think it’s also a test or temptation from the enemy. “Let’s see if he still loves You now!”

I’m not sure if I will always be able to say that I love Him, because I don’t know what’s in store for my life. I would LOVE to say that I would, that I’m not so conditional in my love, or so shallow, but since I’m still human, I truly don’t know.

What I DO know, is I love Him now BECAUSE of all the trials I’ve gone through! He never left me, never stopped proving His great love for me.

Not even for a second!

He never once withheld peace, joy, strength, or grace from me, even though I deserve none of it!

And that history, that knowledge, will hopefully strengthen my love for Him, so that my love might begin to look a little more like His.


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