Because He Did It First

love first

We love Him because He first loved us.

1 John 4:19

Isn’t this the greatest sentence ever written???

When we begin to see how His love is so very perfect, steadfast, complete, eternal, and so so satisfying, we CAN’T HELP but to love Him back!! That’s how powerful it is! I am so grateful that kind of love has been given and shown to me!

I see in this verse a lesson. If the bible says, “Love others as Christ loves you”, then I’m pretty sure we should be striving to love like He does.

Love attracts people, when it’s real. When someone shows you real, genuine, true love, you honestly can’t help but to begin to love them back!

Whenever someone hurts me, I find it really tough to continue to show love to them, probably like most of us. But I have learned that WITHOLDING LOVE FROM SOMEONE WILL NOT COMPELL THEM TO LOVE ME BACK. I capitalized and bold-faced that because it is such an important truth for us to lay hold of.

Think about it practically. “She hasn’t spoken to me in weeks! When I see her today, I’m just going to ignore her.” How is that going to increase her love for you, which is what you so desperately want? It will only increase the distance between you.

Not to mention, that’s not what God wants. If you care about God’s opinion, you honestly can’t say, “He’s going to continue to treat me like that, then I’m done!” You can’t be DONE with loving someone. We are called to love. Now, that doesn’t mean we can’t have healthy boundaries with toxic people, but we really can’t stop demonstrating love for them.

God never stopped loving ME, even with the millions of times I’ve rejected Him, denied Him in some way, ignored Him, and betrayed Him.

When I see, REALLY SEE, His love for me, it makes me want to love Him back. And it makes me want to give that love to the people God places in my life.

Love is the most powerful tool in the entire world!

It sent a man to suffer betrayal, torture, and a hideous death…for me and for you.

Make no mistake. Love will cost you.

Sometimes it will cost you everything.

But if you really love others, it will be worth the risk to never withold from them the most amazing gift they might ever get.

2 thoughts on “Because He Did It First

  1. “Love attracts people, when it’s real.” This is so true. Sometimes we think we can speak the love without actually demonstrating it and we end up actually turning people away. People can see when love is real and that’s what pulls them in. So good!

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