The Next Right Thing

right thing


When I was pregnant with Micah , I kind of intended on going back to work for financial reasons. Then the stroke stepped in and changed my mind! 🙂

Well, ever since I have had seasons where I struggled, seeking to find some sense of usefulness. Yes, I am still a mom. But early on, I realized I couldn’t safely do that on my own, so they went to daycare. That SO didn’t help with my needing to feel useful!

Anyway, I recently had another time of not knowing what in the heck I was I supposed to be doing here.

I sought people out, asking if I could help them with anything, I prayed at length for God to reveal my purpose…


Reveal my purpose.”

Cheesy, cheesy words!

And the light bulb finally flickered, and turned on!

Does God really “reveal our purpose” to us like that? “You. You will be a doctor. That’s it. When you can’t do that anymore, well, you can golf.”

I kinda don’t think so.

You see, if God loves our obedience, then I think part of our purpose is to, umm, obey.

Every day.

Each moment.

If we do the next right thing all the time, we will always be in His perfect will, which means we will be exactly where He wants us to be. And that IS the greatest purpose ever! We will be super useful!

We simply can’t go wrong when we seek to do the next right thing.

I think about high school students getting ready to go to college, and moms whose kids are leaving the nest, and all kinds of people in between. They need direction. They want a plan, a purpose, a goal. The best, surest plan is truly daily obedience.

But Pam, that’s not a plan! Seriously, stop yelling at me. It’s rude. 😉

It’s not a plan we like. Me either, people. But it does the one thing God LOVES to do. It stretches our faith. We can’t see past a day, but HE can! We like to see what we’re working towards. We have to learn to trust Him.

If we do that , we will be blown away by how our faith will grow, obeying day by day. And we will be blown away by how little we will care anymore about needing to feel useful!

I inherited Your book on living; it’s mine forever- what a gift! And how happy it makes me! I concentrate on doing exactly what You say!

Psalm 119:111-112 Msg

One thought on “The Next Right Thing

  1. (Aside – I like your new structure….separate statements standing on their own.) This thesis aligns with Living in the “Now” and should appeal to everyone. Who ever said we can’t expect guidance every minute? Does the “still, small voice” only speak at grand, pivotal moments? Surely, not. I’ve been tired of the old admonishments for quite some time. Thanks for being honest AND bold!

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