The Ultimate Red Carpet


The other day while in the hospital, I was watching some talk show at 2 in the morning. FYI: The very best in quality television does NOT occur at that time of night!

Anyway, an actress was being interviewed regarding all of her recent nominations for the Golden Globes, Screen Actors Guild, and Academy Awards. She said something kind of interesting.

You know, we finished filming this movie over four years ago. And most days, I can barely remember the whole process. But backstage, when you showed the clips from the movie, I was reminded, and I was like, ‘Wow, that was me! That was crazy hard!’

This woman, and scads of others, have been getting dressed up for the past few weeks, getting celebrated for their accomplishments, and celebrating others. They have been taking that famous “walk on the red carpet”, all decked out in somebody else’s duds, greeting legends from long ago, secretly getting a little starstruck themselves.

And all I can think of is heaven.

All of this muss and fuss will one day be a memory galaxies away. All this present pain, worry, and stress just won’t matter even a little bit! All of the struggles will instead only serve to make you smile, remembering all those times God whispered to you that it would someday be SO WORTH IT!

There are some major differences between these award ceremonies and our future ones.

These actors are getting rewarded for the hard work they did to pull off a gripping performance.

WE will get rewarded for giving up, and hopefully allowing God to do all the dirty work, and to step into the spotlight of our very life, to take ALL the credit!

There won’t be different awards in heaven either. Like, there’s not gonna be one for best power point operator. Sorry, people.

The only reward will be this.

Well done, good and faithful servant.”

Being faithful is not about achieving much, or even really so specifically about obedience, although it is so important!

It is, I think, about choosing a glorious weakness instead of a cheap sort of strength. It is about continuing to sing, even through your tears. It’s about being brave enough to be your honest self, in front of whoever’s looking. Being faithful is all about remembering each and every day that GOD IS ALWAYS FAITHFUL, AND MAKING THAT OUR LIFELINE TO GET THROUGH ALL THESE MANY DAYS. Isn’t it funny? The way we show ourselves to be faithful is to demonstrate how faithful HE is! Just another one of those great mysteries!

You know what else will be super cool about that day? That day when we walk the red carpet? The literal sea of faces of history, of the world’s, and of ours. Our friends and family who have gone before, celebrating right along with you, congratulating you with hugs and kisses. Just the thought of that makes me cry as I’m writing this.

But the absolute best part is when you’re seated inside.

And then….

He calls your name.

I think I will run up.

Then He says those amazing words that keep me going on days when it would be so much easier to just curl up into a ball.

Well done,

Good and faithful servant.”

To hear those words from the Ultimate Faithful One is pretty much all I could ever dream of.

It will make all of these struggles we face seem as “momentary” as scripture promises.

Because sooner than we think, we will be taking our walk on the “red carpet”, and I can hardly wait!

And when the Chief Shepherd appears, you will receive the unfading crown of glory.

1 Peter 5:4

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