I Wasn’t Built For Fighting.


Over three years ago, my life was changed forever. My massive stroke was huge! In size, I mean. The blood clot went from the base of my neck to the very top of my brain on the right side. The damage was so severe that I shouldn’t even be alive, let alone walk and talk.

There was a comment I’ve gotten a lot since then, and continuing throughout all of my other challenges since.

You are a real fighter.”

It’s actually a pretty humorous thing to say to me, and I’ll tell you why. I was basically in a drug-induced coma, because they mistakenly gave me my very own morphine button! (Boy, do I miss having one of those!) So, I have no recollection of most of my days in the hospital. I couldn’t even think, so how could I fight??? And what would I have done if I was clear-headed? Ordered my brain cells to recreate themselves? Healed my brain all by myself??

Even if you meant I was “emotionally” a fighter, that simply isn’t true! I’ve wanted to give up more days than I can count. I don’t know HOW I’m still here.

What I DO know….someone WAS fighting for me that day, and every day since! Most days I wonder how I will get through another one, and yet I do, time and time again!

But I can CLEARLY see that it is only through God’s grace and amazing mercy that I woke up today! That I WILL get through this day again and again, and again.

He fights for those who love Him. AND He fights for those who don’t, according to His mercy and grace.

Most of you have heard people say or have even said yourself, “I don’t know how a person who doesn’t believe in God could get through this tragedy.”

If you don’t believe in God, do NOT for even a SECOND, think you fought your way through life’s battles all by yourself! He was fighting FOR you! Your child was laid up in the hospital and nearly lost his battle. But he “somehow” made it. You go home, and your friends say you are a fighter! Or you attribute your ability to getting through this day by receiving an encouraging call from a friend.

It isn’t true!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD is fighting for you, whether you give Him any credit or not, He will fight for you and me until He comes again to get those who BELIEVE!

Whatever you are going through today, please know that you can “will” yourself to paste a smile on your face, but you CANNOT “will” yourself to have joy. Or peace. Or any other beautiful thing that makes life on this earth worth it. Those things are GIVEN TO YOU.

I am so grateful to have a Father who fights for me!

I just wasn’t built for fighting.

But my Daddy is!


The Lord you God, who goes before you, He will fight for you.

Deuteronomy 1:30

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