Mother’s Day? Nope. Not a Fan.

june cleaver

Can I say something? I am NOT a fan of Mother’s Day!

Yuck. Blah.

Yeah, it’s great to celebrate our moms and thank them for all they did for us. But it’s different when YOU are the mom. At least it is for me.

All this holiday ever seems to do is remind me of what kind of mom I’m NOT.

I’m not the home schooler mom…yeah, I can’t even help my kids with homework past the second grade. (Wait. When do they start teaching decimals? If it’s in second grade, well…crap.)

I’m also not the great listener mom. My head hears every conversation going on around me, and it’s almost impossible for me to really HEAR what someone is saying to me. And what I DO hear, I usually can’t remember, which my daughter sensibly chalks up to my not listening well.

I’m not a patient mom, either. It doesn’t take much to blow my top, and it’s harder for me to control now. When Macy is getting ready for school in the morning (getting ready means sitting on the floor, whining about needing to get dressed for about 45 minutes…and then she’s late!), I think it would be more fun to stab myself in the eye with a toothpick!

And, I’m not the fixer mom. In fact, I guess I’m more of the “breaker mom”. I have run into our garage door more times than I care to share with the whole universe. When Macy breaks something or can’t get a toy to work, she is famous for saying these six little words: “I’ll wait till Dad gets home.”

When you put the truth up against all of these other mothers, BETTER mothers…what can I do?

I can remind myself that I DO honestly and totally LOVE my kids!!!

I can remind myself that when they are sick, scared, or injured, they can’t get into my arms fast enough!

I can tell myself that even though I’m not the greatest listener in the world, that never stops them from wanting to tell me ALL KINDS of things!

The reason I dislike Mother’s Day so much is because of who I see me to be, and of who I see all the other mothers in the world to be. Comparison is never fun. Instead, maybe I should look at myself through my kids’ eyes.

I may not be home schooling my kids, but that doesn’t stop them from thinking I know a lot!

I may not be the greatest listener, but my kids LOVE to talk to me!

I may not be the patient mom, but my kids are NEVER afraid of me.

And I may not be the fixer mom, but that never keeps my kids from asking, and EXPECTING, me to make it all better.

If I look at myself from their perspective, I guess I’m not so bad! 🙂

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