Put To The Test

flat tireI remember getting a boatload of advice when I was dating! One piece of advice has stayed with me, and I plan to pass it along to my daughter: “Make sure your heart doesn’t rule your decisions. Instead, carefully observe him. Especially make sure to pay attention when he gets a flat tire, or gets stuck in a traffic jam.” This sage person who told me that must have figured out , as I have, just how much of marriage is really about the flat tires and traffic jams of life. Frustrating circumstances don’t necessarily “prove” your character, but they certainly do test and reveal it!

We’re not usually that comfortable talking about it, but the bible says God tests us, too.

I think we don’t like the sound of the word “test”. If you didn’t excel in school, then it can’t mean anything good! But I really don’t believe it is to do anything but help exercise those muscles of patience, wisdom, and self-control, and to reveal who we really are, and who we believe God to be.

In my experience, God doesn’t test us to see if we will fail, but instead, tests us to see if we will SUCCEED! We have a righteous God, but we also have a loving and gracious God, too!

I think we are often taking the same test for YEARS…not because He’s just waiting for us to screw it up again, but He’s waiting for that day when we don’t take the bait, and instead of falling into temptation, or simply falling apart, we obey Him and trust Him through it! Remember, the bible says we are like gold, refined by fire. The fire is what reveals the very beauty inside of us, which is Jesus!

I want to handle these tests like Jesus would handle them. I want Him to at least see a glimpse of Himself when He looks at me.

So, I guess if that’s what I want, then bring on the tests!!



I, the Lord, search the heart, I test the mind, Even to give every man according to his ways, According to the fruit of his doings.

Jeremiah 17:10

One thought on “Put To The Test

  1. So very true! My latest book addresses this subject in detail. There are quite a few things God is after in our lives when He puts us through certain challenges, testings and afflictions. It can be hard, quite hard, to endure whatever comes our way. I speak from personal experiences! The value in the end, if we endure, will make us Rich Beyond Measure! We gain a wealth that carries over into eternity!

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