There’s Nothing Careless About Our God!

I am the Lord, the God of all mankind.  Is anything too hard for me?

Jeremiah 32:27

Could it be possible that God would so love an individual as to give His only Son to die for him and still love him to the extent of following him with the pleadings and drawings of His grace until He has won that soul into His own family and created him anew by the impartation of His own divine nature, and then be careless as to what becomes of the one He has thus given His all to procure?”-Lewis Sperry Chafer

The Bible is full of stories that simply say “amen!” to the scripture and quote above. Abraham, while lifting his hand to take the life of his precious son, probably comforted himself with the thought that surely God wouldn’t let him suffer more than what was necessary.  The disciples, while on that boat in a storm, should have known that Jesus wouldn’t have invested so much time and energy in them, especially at the very end of His life, if He was just going to allow them to be swallowed up by the sea before they could even put any of their training to practice.

This encourages me so much!  Yes, I still don’t know God’s plan, or how long I’ll remain on this earth.  But it gives me comfort to know He is here, allowing ONLY what will further shape me in His image, giving Him glory through my little life, and no more pain than is absolutely essential to fulfill His purposes for me.  His allowing pain, strife, and affliction in our lives is NOT a punishment! It DOES NOT mean He doesn’t care!!! It’s just an avenue for His glory to be seen by many, His glory and comfort to be felt and KNOWN by me, so that I can testify that He really was here with me all the time!

While I’m writing this, there is this beautiful hymn I’ve been listening to:

Time after time,

I went searching for peace in some void.

I was trying to blame

All my ills on this world I was in.

Surface relationships used me ’til I was done in.

And all of the while someone was begging

To free me from sin


He was there all the time

He was there all the time

Waiting patiently in line

He was there all the time

Never again

Will I look for a fake rainbow’s end.

Now that I have the answer

My life is just starting to rhyme’

Sharing each new day with Him

Is a cup of fresh wine.

And oh, what I missed

He’s been waiting right there all the time.

If you don’t know Him, REALLY KNOW HIM, He is waiting in line for you. He loves you and wants you to know his great, life-changing love!!

If you DO know Him, but you’re starting to wonder…maybe even doubting what it is    He’s doing in your life, and  are desperate for a little rest, peace, and healing, you need to know that He is right there next to you.  And if He suffered all that He DID  suffer just for you, I pray you will believe with me that He didn’t bring us this far just to drop us on our heads and shrug His shoulders as He walks away!  He loves you, and He loves me.  I am SO SURE of this fact. Because He has never left me, even when I had no evidence of His presence. 

He just isn’t careless with our lives.  Every surgery, pain, trauma in my life was NOT the result of God’s “carelessness”.  I am convinced that He was and is being very CAREFUL about what he continues to permit.  And He is careful (FULL OF CARE!) in your life, too.  You can trust Him. Nothing is too difficult for Him.  And…

He is always there!

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