Surf’s Up!!

wavesLast weekend, my husband and I had the opportunity to go away to Ocean City, Maryland.  We got there around noon, and we headed right to the beach. I’ve never really submerged myself in ocean water…just my feet.  Not sure why, but maybe it was a foreshadowing fear of what was to come in a couple of minutes.

My friend, Lynnette, and I were holding hands in water up to our waists, because I’m very unsteady on my left leg.  Well, I got hit with a couple of waves that knocked me under, but I quickly regained my footing and stood up again.  What I did NOT realize was that the tide was changing, which basically means that it looks like two different waves are coming at you at opposite directions, at roughly the same time.


Well, as soon as these huge waves hit, I got separated from my friend, who I in turn thanked  by accidentally kicking her in the head, while both of us were gurgling underwater.  We gasped for air for a second and were quickly attacked again by the next wave.  I was rolling, spinning, and out of control under that water.  One man’s head hit mine dead on…another person kicked me in the gut, and I ingested a TON of sand and ocean water!  I’m still getting sand out of my ears! Oh, and I also lost my glasses. ( No big deal..who really needs to see? : ) ) When I tell the story in front of Lynnette, and I say we nearly drowned, she says very quietly, “Well, it wasn’t quite that bad, Pami.” I may be exaggerating, but it sure did feel like I was NOT gonna ever make it out from under those crazy, psychotic waves!

So, after I was led back to the safety of my towel on the sand, and was dumping sand out of unmentionable places, I looked at all the blurry people still in the ocean.  And I noticed something. There were people who went out much farther than I did, up to their shoulders. The funny thing was, they weren’t being “attacked” by the waves at all.  Rather, they just seemed to be riding along with them, in an annoyingly calm manner, I might add.

So, it seemed that the deeper you went out in the water,  the less the waves seemed to bother you.  You just pretty much….rode them.

That’s kind of how I now see walking with God.  When you’re new to it all, every trial and struggle knocks you around, seeking to drown you in it.  But after you’ve had some of those kicks and smacks in the head under the water, you learn how to trust in the one who created those very waves of trouble you’re in.  And so, to those observing, it looks like you’re simply “riding it out”, because you are!  You still struggle to keep from going under, but out in the depths of really “knowing” Him, you also know you can trust Him.  The physical ocean tossed me around very badly that day.  But the ocean of this life does not hold that same kind of fear for me….because I’ve BEEN tossed pretty well as of late. And He has never let the sadness, fear, or struggles EVER  swallow me up.  He is such a good God!  And He has created some killer waves!  But He’ll help you to ride them out with Him, if you’ll just keep believing….

Psalm 93:4

The Lord on high is mightier than the noise of many waters, than the mighty waves of the sea.

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