Shopping Spree!!

Colourful_shopping_cartsThe other day, another memory came back from when I was a kid.  You see, my dad worked at General Electric as a tool grinder for 35 years.  As you can imagine, a tool grinder is not exactly at the top of the food chain…and my mom stayed home to take care of her three girls. So, there were never a lot of “extras” during those years, but we always had what we needed.

Well, one day the local supermarket, Super Duper ( I love that name!), was holding a drawing, and the winner would receive a two-minute shopping spree in their store.  My mom filled out a card, believing she would never be picked because the Waite’s just don’t win things like that! So you can imagine how surprised we ALL were when she won!

Days before the shopping spree was scheduled, my mom was mapping out the store and figuring out her strategy.  The day finally came, but I was at school, and was probably thinking about that spree all day long, and of all the chocolate, candy, and butter that would be waiting for me when I got home!  Well, imagine my deep disappointment when I came home to find mountains of beef roasts, pork roasts, steaks, hams, and turkeys strewn out over the kitchen table.  Apparently my mother thought that hitting the meat department, and hitting it hard, would be her best bet to get the most out of this amazing gift. 

Well, I was just a little irritated!  I definitely would have gone down a much different aisle than the MEAT aisle!  Frankly, I was disgusted. My dad then asked me how much I thought one of those turkeys cost.  I guessed very low, and then he told me how much all the items would have cost if they’d paid for it.  It came to over $400 worth of protein!  So, in the days that came after the spree, I did appreciate this major win for the Waite family…because we were eating well for a good long while!

What we received that day was our needs being met…and met in abundance!!!!

The LORD will guide you always; he will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame. You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

Isaiah 58:11

You see, we are never promised all that we DESIRE, but rather, all we NEED if we follow after Him.  And sometimes he showers us with the things we need, like an unending spring!

So if you feel forgotten by God in some way, think long and hard.  Did you eat food today?  Did you have a place to lay your head at night? Did you have access to water?  Well, instead of dwelling on what you still don’t have, take a minute and thank Him for providing you with everything you need, and give Him special thanks for those times you had what you needed, in abundance!

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