6 But who is able to build Him a temple, since heaven and the heaven of heavens cannot contain Him?

2 Chronicles 2: 6


I recently had a flashback to the first day of eleventh grade Advanced Placement English. The very first assignment was to write about an ineffable experience from our own lives. Well, since the word “ineffable” means “indescribable”, the assignment sounded more like “impossible” than “ineffable”.  I kept saying, ” If it’s so indescribable, then how am I supposed to describe it?????”

But I think that’s what songwriters try to do today.  They try to capture the indescribable God with words.  And no matter how vivid their painting is of Him, it will never come close to capturing ALL of Him! He is more GOOD than anyone can say.  He is more HOLY than anyone can imagine.  He has more LOVE than anyone can ever know! 

He is beyond any words we use, any music we create, any painting we design!  But I think He appreciates and loves even our feeblest of efforts!  When we praise Him from the deepest part of our hearts, He DEEPLY loves that. And it brings Him much joy! 

So, even if we will never be able to contain the essence of Him in all the songs, poems, and words we say….we should still sing, still write, still try to describe Him to the world.  If you notice in the rest of 2 chronicles 2, Solomon, who struggled over how to build a temple to this God who could not be contained, still went on and built it.  Using the best of materials he had at his disposal…making the richest example he could think of for his God.

And we should try and do the same!

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