Tears in a Bottle

bottlesYou keep track of all my sorrows. You have collected all my tears in your bottle. You have recorded each one in your book.

Psalm 56:8


I saw this verse several days ago, maybe for the first time.  I thought it was beautiful, and the image of an intimate God was immediately all I saw.

But as you know, each new day brings about trouble and heartache…sometimes in such a way it’s as though you’ve never known pain before today.  Well, yesterday was one of those days for me. But when I went to sleep last night and woke up this morning, this verse was gently singing to me.  My God is ever close to me.  So close, in fact, that He holds a bottle to our face to catch our tears as they fall off of our cheeks.  And collects them.  And He writes about each one in a special book. 

He doesn’t collect them because He has nothing better to do than to count tears on one of those “boring” days.  He does this so that we will know that each and every tear may not have mattered to anyone else….but they matter to Him.  You would be hard-pressed to find a friend who was always there to wipe your tears away, but I think it’s downright impossible to find a friend, ready to catch each one as they fall and collect them in a bottle. 

Our tears matter to our Father!  They matter. He loves us.  He is with us. He may not have kept you from being insulted, betrayed, abused, assaulted, isolated,  slandered, or abandoned.  But He is with you for all of it and cares so much about your pain, He saves every tear that you cry.

This is a God who LOVES and CARES.  Don’t ever forget that.  Ever.


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