Love-Colored Glasses

imagesHe brought me to the banqueting house, And his banner over me was love.

Song of Solomon 2:4

Have you ever wondered if there is anyone who truly knows you?  Sees you? Loves you?  Well, after you read the above verse, you shouldn’t ever need to wonder again!

Song of Solomon is clearly the romantic yearnings between a groom and his bride. But it is also just as clearly a picture of the love of Jesus (our groom) and the church (the bride). And Chapter 2, verse 4 is my all-time favorite!  I mean, I love it.  Especially the last part.

You see, banners of biblical times were often used when going into battle or returning from battle.  And they contained some sort of proclamation.  Some were simply used for times of celebration. You can take whatever you want from this verse, but I understand it to mean this:  Jesus is saying about me, about each one of us, “See? She is all mine!  And all I can ever say about her is the LOVE I have for her!  That’s it!  Love!”

We have a lot of banners we’ve carried over the years….from mothers, fathers, siblings, friends, spouses.  Banners that seemed to proclaim who we were, or what others limitedly thought about us.  The problem is that some of them have become labels that are pretty tough to shake. Some seem relatively harmless ( talented, brilliant, beautiful), and others contain noticeable danger (lazy, stupid, weak). And the problem with these “banners” is that all they provide is an untrue, inaccurate, or at best, incomplete picture of who we really are. 

The Bridegroom sums it up best by purely calling us love.  Because that is truly all He sees when He looks at us. So, whenever I start to feel a little useless, a little worthless…I am going to do my best to remember Him.  Because all He sees when He looks at me…is love.


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