Letting Go

Exodus 10

One of the most well-known stories of the bible is that of Moses being sent to rescue the Israelites.   When I think of the history between Pharoah and Moses, it makes the story seem all the more amazing to me.  Here we have, basically, half brothers, battling to the death over the lives of the thousands of Jews enslaved by Pharoah and his fathers before him.

And with each plague sent to torment him and his people, I think we all are murmuring, “That’s it.  He’s gotta let them go now!”  But it was never enough, until God took his son from him.  That was the last straw, so he finally let them go, after months or years of ultimate torture.  Or so we thought.  There he is, storming down the mountain to the Red Sea to take back what he wrongfully thought was his all along.

I see so much of myself in that man.  There have been many things God has gently asked me to put aside for Him, and after years of refusing He basically has to painfully wrench it from my hands.  Our pride is a deadly thing.  And when we refuse to surrender what God asks of us, we will surely drown in our stubbornness, just like Pharoah. 

But what was Pharoah really holding onto?  Was it his responsibility to the generations before him to remain strong?  Was it based on a petty family rivalry?  Or was it because he couldn’t bare to be wrong? 

How often have I messed up just so that I could prove a point, or to try to one-up someone else?  Or maybe it was because if I admitted to making a mistake in judgement, then perhaps I wouldn’t be trusted?

What I see in Pharoah is what I see in families and relationships all around me.  I see people who are so hell-bent on being RIGHT that they destroy everyone and everything in their path.

God, humble me!  Teach me that it is better to be “right” in YOUR eyes than in mine or those around me.  Help me to let go of dangerous habits that I stubbornly cling to, and cling to You, instead!  Lord, forgive me when I continue down the wrong road just because I don’t want to admit I messed up.  And please, continue to put people in my path who encourage me to let go of all the things which weigh me down.

One thought on “Letting Go

  1. I just fill up when I read you postings, You are truly a gifted writer. May God make us all hunble, When I am struggling I vision that I;m standing before God and I just wrap my arms around his feet and surrender God Bless

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